Posted by: Bevan | June 4, 2010


Amusingly just following the post of my review of Winner Takes All I received an email from Charles Tanti, developer of the ATS 3200 and 6400 bond trading systems.  These systems apparently use genetic algorhithms, fuzzy logic and chaos with two neural networks.  The reason this amused me was that Winner Takes All quite convincingly debunks these type of approaches.  Now I can’t argue with the track record that Futures Truth publish, which is profitable, however I find the last few marketing emails from the developer illuminating:

3 May

Last year on June 5th, 2009

the ATS-3200 went LONG and stayed in the trade until April 9th, 2010.

The trade lasted for 10 months.

The ATS-3200 closed the trade with a profit of:

primary trade:    $5765
secondary trades: $5380

This was a time of severe sideways movement.
Yet the system instead of being whipsawed stayed long and closed the trade with a good profit.

23 May:

I have made an upgrade to the ATS-3200 and the ATS-3200.

I have added a powerful NEW FILTER to prevent the systems from being whipsawed in
sideways markets and stay with the major trend.

The new filter works like this:

If the market is going sideways:

1. If the system is LONG, and gets a signal to go SHORT, the new filter will keep the system LONG if the CLOSE is at or near the HIGH.

2. If the system is SHORT, and gets a signal to go LONG, the new filter will keep the system SHORT if the CLOSE is at or near the LOW.

I tested the new filter on over 25 years of data with both systems and in each case it worked like magic. This is a very important improvement to the systems.

4 June:

Both the ATS-3200 and the ATS-6400 stayed LONG.

The market is making new highs, and both systems stayed with the major trend.

Following the last system upgrade, the ATS-3200 has been LONG since June 5th, 2009.

The ATS-3200 is now making a profit of:

primary signal:    $15,046
secondary signals: $98,188

During the same period the ATS-6400 had 7 signals and made a profit of:

primary signal:     $9,233
secondary signals: $14,534



  1. Hi and thanks for posting this. I googled ATS3200 reviews and this is how I got to this page. Interesting what you say. Do you have details you can kindly forward of the adjustment you made to the code so I can do similar on say the SPYs or other instruments? Would be appreciated. Regards. Vimal

  2. It was the developer who made the adjustment to the code (quoting emails from him). I just found it interesting that the trade closed profitably in April, then the system was changed, then the next email celebrated the big profits from still being in the trade, despite the fact that anyone who really was trading the system wouldn’t have been as the adjustment to keep them in the trade was made after it closed. If you can understand what I mean!

    That said though, this is a profitable system according to the stats Futures Truth publish, I just think the publicity is a bit disingenuous and an example of why you need to be careful in assessing systems for sale.

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