Now living back in my homeland of New Zealand, I began trading during a number of years living in the UK in North London.  I began trading in December 2007 after several months of study including attending Knowledge to Action’s Traders University weekend seminar. I also undertook Sid Wyemann’s Forex training course.  The only worthwhile learning I’ve found in my trading career (aside from the most important, the school of hard knocks!) is:

– John Bartlett’s Forex CD course – this was my very first port of call in July 2007 when I was exploring the world of finance and trading whilst not knowing much.  Looking back it was very good for a beginner and the common sense thinking still stands up

– Reading books – a number of books have made a significant impression on me, particularly:

  • Trading for a Living and Come Into My Trading Room – Alexander Elder
  • Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom – Van Tharp
  • Way of the Turtle – Curtis Faith
  • Forex Patterns & Probabilities – Ed Ponsi (not so much the strategies as the other parts)
  • Market Wizards – Jack Schwager
  • High Probability Trading – Marcel Link
  • Mechanical Trading Systems – Richard L. Weissman
  • Beyond Technical Analysis – Tushar Chande

This blog will serve as a log of my development and success as a trader.



  1. May the Force be with You!!

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